Our experts are willing to offer a wide range of customized consultations which suit our clients’ needs


Edge offers HR Consultancy service in various areas, namely:

  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Organization Structure Design
  • Human Resources Practice Audit
  • Manpower Planning and Succession Plan
  • Leadership and Management Assessment
  • Employees Handbook and Plicies Documentation
  • Assessment Center
  • Various HR systems; such as
    • Compensation and Benefits Systems, Job Analysis, and Job Description
    • Performance Management System
    • Recruitment and Selection System
    • Training and Development System


Internal Assessment/Audit: As a consultant, a part of our services includes providing organizations, where appropriate, with their sales and marketing internal assessment/audit. Before deciding what kind of intervention to use, we need to thoroughly understand the current issues/concerns of the company as well as the common practices to properly identify areas of improvement.

Sales and Marketing Consultancy: Based on the Internal Assessment and Research Findings, the management consultancy will be designed by Edge Consultants. Meetings will be arranged with our client’s management to discuss scope and framework of the service until final approval is granted on the consultancy.

Our services include:

A marketing plant hat details how a business intends to offer its products or services to consumers and influence their purchases. A typical retail strategy might illustrate how best to place and display a company’s products in retail out- lets and how to attract optimal consumer interest at those locations with such things as price discounts, placement, retailer incentives and signs. It covers:

  • Target Segment Identification
  • Retail Format/Retail Mix
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Export Readiness: It is the start point to determine if exporting is a viable option for the designated company, 
product or service and it helps us make effective suggestions based on logical, systematic thinking
  • Preliminary Market Research: To help the designated company agree on the destination country(ies), to preliminary profile the target markets and scope the detailed market research if needed
  • Full Fledged Market Research: To deeply understand the target markets and its dynamics
  • Set Export Plan: To devise a high level export plan for the target markets specifying the market entry modes, 
target segments, offered products and services, price and payment terms and promotional activities
  • Getting Your Product Ready : To assist the beneficiary on defining the modification needed on the product and service. Also covers working with an advertising company (paid by the beneficiary directly) on developing a brand suitable for export and all other related promotional activities
  • Formulating the Export Department : To assist the beneficiary by creating the hierarchy of the export department and the job description / selection criteria for its staff and setting the required procedures

Before a product can be exported to another country, many questions must be answered. What type of product is needed at the destination market? Which segment should we target? Regulations are constantly changing. Licenses may be required; license exceptions may be available.

Edge Consultants help the corporate to know about the regional market situation. We help foreign clients to enter into Egypt by giving them decision support through giving them access to regional market data. Market Access studies covers:

  • Market Feasibility
  • Consumer Insight
  • Need/Gap Analysis
  • Segmentation Analysis

We assist tour clients in measuring their satisfaction levels of their external and internal customers. We also help them in improving the monitoring and evaluation systems . The interfaces on which we do satisfaction studies are:

  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction
  • Supplier Satisfaction
  • Distribution Satisfaction
  • Image Assessment
  • Product/Service Benchmarking
  • Adv Effectiveness
  • Salary Surveys

It isn’t always necessary to develop new surveys in order to gain new insights, sometimes you can apply advanced statistical analysis to existing data you have previously gain eye-opening insights.