About Us

A word from Edge Founder


“Edge for Training and Consultancy is founded to help organizations to achieve their strategic goals and be a part of their success.

We take pride in working in partnership with some of the leading business organizations in Egypt, helping them to face difficult challenges such as setting and implementing strategies, leadership, and functional matters.

We hope that this website will show you how Edge for Training and Consultancy can support you through supporting your organization.”



Edge was established to achieve business development through human development. Our strategy aims at accelerating business impact, providing customers and partners with needed skills, and advice while driving return on investment and gaining a com- petitive “Edge”.

Edge is an industry leader specialized in Human and Business Development. Its model is based on sharing knowledge and o ering clients a continuous ow of professional programs and workshops in the areas most useful to them

Edge training plan and programs present a new frame of understanding clients’ needs, to identify their soul and voice, discover their unique strengths, clarify their direction, and incorporate that into their own leadership style. Edge’s core competency lies in its outstanding coaches and consultants, who have spent years helping others to achieve their own goals and their organizations’ goals.

Edge offers a flexible and dynamic research and consultancy service, which provides the information, resources and expertise to make SMART business decisions. We improve our clients understanding of their customers and competitors and enhance their ability to exploit new opportunities through translating research ndings into practical mana- gerial strategies, techniques, initiatives and policies.


To help our clients to make distinctive, lasting, and considerable improve- ments in their performance and hence help them to become rms that attract, develop, stimulate, and retain outstanding professionals. We have consciously chosen to provide di erent services, since our clients require a coordinated and multidisciplinary approach to their di erent needs.


We want to be recognized as a market leader in our professional services, based on our knowledge of the markets, industries and sectors in which our clients operate.



A bit of what our clients say about us!

Our Partners in Success

People 1st have been known for its quality services in training and developing the hospitality, catering and retail businesses for over 50 years.

It is a unique, insight-driven performance and talent management expert, providing solutions and advice that help UK and global clients to grow performance and talent, drive customer excellence, and maximize the value of apprentice- ship. Their industry-led experts deliver highly successful results that re ect the business needs through understanding the organization’s culture, environment and budget.

Edge signed an exclusive deal with People 1st to market its courses in Egypt and the Middle East for the years 2016- 2018 with possibility for renewal.

The Arredondo Advisory Group (AAG) aims to provide insights for successful and sustainable organizational diver- sity strategy. Its areas of practice are organizational diversity initiatives, higher education leadership development, the Latina/o quotient in the 21st century, and leadership & coaching for women and people of color.

Patricia Arredondo, AAG President, has been a business consultant for 30 years, engaged in the higher education, healthcare, nance, non-pro t, manufacturing, consumer, and publishing sectors, domestically and internation- ally. She established partnerships with universities in South Korea, Poland, Guatemala, and Mexico and with nu- merous corporations in and around Boston and Milwaukee states in the US. Arredondo has been a faculty member and senior administrator at research universities and a professional school of psychology. Arredondo is published extensively in the areas of workforce diversity, women’s leadership, the Latina/o quotient, and cultural competen- cy development; she is bilingual in English and Spanish and a licensed psychologist. Her doctoral degree in Coun- seling Psychology is from Boston University.

Edge is honored to cooperate with AAG to accredit many of its human development programs, among which are the HR and leadership certificates.